Tastemaker Q&A:

  • GT: Tell us a bit about your background and what projects you've been working on?

    LL: I've been with iHeartMedia for about 12 years now and counting. I started with the company at 16 years old with an internship, got my first on air gig at 19 doing middays in Monterey, CA, spent 5 years as midday host/MD in Nashville, TN, and now here I am doing mornings in Seattle which has been a dream come true. I'm now just focused on establishing/expanding my brand in the Seattle market.
  • GT: What's your secret to multi-tasking and balancing multiple projects and deadlines at once?

    LL: I have no secret! I'm a single mom who works full time, as you can imagine things get incredibly hectic on my end. I stay organized by making a check list and creating realistic deadlines for myself..keyword: REALISTIC.
  • GT: Who have been some mentors or influential people you've looked up to in your career?

    LL: I definitely look up to Angie Martinez and my sister, Selena of WILD 94.9, as fellow strong Latinas and females in radio, we are rare! My current PD Eric Rosado of KUBE 93.3 has been an amazing mentor and friend in my career. I've been working alongside him since day one! I've cried in his office wanting to quit radio one too many times, and he never let me! Only motivated me to work harder. Also, my former PD in Nashville, Dolewite, has played a major role in my career by helping expand my talents to a few other markets like Columbia, Houston and Las Vegas. I wouldn't be where I am without him!
  • GT: What is it about Seattle that made you want to settle here and build your foundation here?

    LL: After moving to Nashville, it immediately became a goal to come back home to the west coast. When KUBE came back and the opportunity presented itself to do mornings in a major market I didn't have to think twice! The timing couldn't have been more perfect and it's the perfect market to continue my growth in the industry as the market itself is growing every day. I also wanted to make sure my next move was somewhere I could settle and raise my son, it was important to me he isn't moving from school to school. Seattle has so far been nothing short of amazing.
  • GT: What did you want to be as a kid growing up?

    LL: My mom and two of my sisters are actually nurses so naturally I wanted to follow the same path as my mom. A lot of people don't know I actually went to school for nursing while I was doing my radio internship because people told me radio wasn't a "real" job. I quit nursing school after a year and decided I wanted to fully pursue radio!
  • GT: What do you do to motivate yourself and keep yourself focused?

    LL: My son is my utter and complete motivation. Yes, I too like to be successful and work hard and earn everything on my own for my own personal satisfaction, but doing it all to be able to provide for someone who is depending on you is a whole other level of gratification. I know I'm his example and he's watching my every move, and that's what keeps me focused and working hard.
  • GT: What is some advice for young people who want to get into events and building a brand in the Seattle market?

    LL: Network and meet everyone you can, especially those who are already established in the market. Ask questions and learn everything you possibly can. Definitely patience, success does not happen over night. Trust YOUR process!